A collapsing fence and decades of neglect left Nira Rock a dangerous, foreboding place.

Neighbors took on the ambitious task of turning the site around.

Funding facilitated key infrastructure improvements, and gave the community initiative momentum.

Today, the site boasts a restored orchard with apples, pears, plums, peaches and cherries.

Wildlife is also attracted to the respite Nira Rock offers this otherwise dense urban neighborhood.

Rock climbing is a favorite activity; outdoor movies and other community events are now regular features as well.

Nira Rock is a 1½ acre "urban wild" in the heart of Jamaica Plain. A towering outcropping of Roxbury Pudding stone at its center offers panoramic views all around. This hidden piece of city-owned land was neglected and abused until a group of neighbors decided to try to reclaim it starting in 2005.

The Friends of Nira Rock, in partnership with the Boston Parks and Recreation Department, slowly transformed the site by clearing invasive plants, removing graffiti, restoring an orchard, and building new walkways and a perimeter fence.

Today this group hosts picnics, shows films, has rock climbing demonstrations, and continues to steward this valuable piece of land.

Located in the dense Hyde Square neighborhood of Jamaica Plain
$120,000 to date
Restoration work is ongoing. The site is crime-free, and community use has grown exponentially.