Clippership Connector

Location of the future Clippership Connector
Location of the future Clippership Connector

The half-mile Clippership Connector, named for the Boston built clipper ships once constructed on these shores, will form a critical link in a regional trail system reaching from the Mystic River to the Charles River and the northwestern suburbs. It will help knit together a city divided by the construction of Interstate 93 in the mid-20th century and make it possible for children to walk safely along the river to school and residents to walk to Medford Square.

Background: Despite being included in the 2010 DCR master plan for the Mystic River, it is doubtful that the Clippership Connector could have advanced without the leadership of Medford citizens and the mayor. Various impediments including the I-93 highway, private encroachments, a boat club, and contaminated soil had to be addressed before a final plan could be approved. The final design shows a ten-foot shared-use path linking Clippership Drive at Medford Square to the McGlynn Middle School playing fields. Some abutters who had extended their back yards onto state land years earlier objected to the location of the path. This has been overcome. The preferred route along the river keeps the path entirely on state owned land and is considered the safest route with the best access to river views. It provides an opportunity to restore riparian vegetation along the river’s edge as well.


2016Identified opportunity and formed coalition
2016Early planning, meetings with abutters
2017DCR accepts project and assigns manager
2017Crosby Schlesinger and Smallridge hired
2019Conservation Commission awards permit
2019Design work continues
2020Anticipated start of construction

Project Details

  • 2016
Solomon and Barr Foundation Investments
  • $75,000
Partner Investments
  • $1,032,343
Estimated Cost to Complete
  • $1,500,000
Key Partners
  • Final designs presented to public summer 2019
  • Anticipate construction in 2020
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