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Doyle Park

Conceptual Design for Doyle Park

Though small in size, the former Doyle Playground site, located just above the Tileston and Hollingsworth Dam, is one of Hyde Park’s only windows on the Neponset River. With support from the Foundation, P.O.W.H.E.R., a local community group, created a vision for a flexible space that will serve as a nexus for the community. The preliminary design includes open lawns for community gatherings, a vibrant mural, a natural play space using existing boulders, and a river path linking the riverfront park to the growing Shops at Riverwood.

Background: This one acre park owned by the DCR once had an active playground managed by the DCR. Over twenty years ago, the playground fell into disrepair, was dismantled, and the site became overgrown. Until local residents who are part of the P.O.W.H.E.R group came together in 2016 to clean-up and reclaim the park, the heart of the neighborhood featured a vacant lot surrounded by a chain link-fence that cut off access to the beautiful Neponset River. In 2018, neighbors produced a practical plan for increasing access to the upper terrace and along the river bank through a community driven design process led by landscape architects from Offshoots, Inc. and the Horsley Witten Group. Inspired by the community vision for the park and excited to get started, P.O.W.H.E.R. advocated for immediate improvements, transforming an overgrown lot into a community park. Improvements so far have included  removal of rusty, falling down fences and piles of trash, clearing of invasive trees, removal of black top, seeding and mowing a broad lawn for play, and fundraising for and painting a mural on a large abandoned wall. Neighbors are eager to finish the design plans and permitting for the park so they can seek funding for construction and finally enjoy a park that will allow for cultural performances, local meetings, cookouts, exercise classes, teen gatherings, play for youth, sitting and enjoying a view of the river, and walking along a pleasant path to the Shops at Riverwood.

2016P.O.W.H.E.R group formed by local advocates
2016Park Clean-up days with volunteers
2017Fairmount Greenway Community Vision Day
2017Community clean-up day includes removal of degraded blacktop and overgrowth
2018Southwest Boston CDC, applies for and receives support from the Foundation for P.O.W.H.E.R to begin a community driven design process
2018Offshoots leads several community workshops to inform a conceptual park design
2018A fall clean-up to remove fences and trash
2018Southwest Boston CDC receives a grant from the Foundation for programming and stewardship of the site
2018In the summer, the DCR establishes a lawn on the upper terrace of the park
2018The same summer, with support from the Foundation, Offshoots is hired to clear and extend the lawn to the lower terrace
2019Summer of 2019 the mural is completed by Artists for Humanity
2019With support from the Foundation the site is surveyed in advance of continuing park planning
2020Preliminary Survey and cost estimates completed

Project Details

  • 2016 when the P.O.W.H.E.R group formed
Solomon Grants to date
  • $137,000
Partner Funding to date
  • $13,000
Estimated Cost to Complete
  • $800,000
Key Partners
  • Preliminary cost estimates have been completed.

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