Riverside Greenway

The Riverside Greenway in Newton and Weston is a key regional link bridging the dual barriers of I-90 and I-95. Once completed, this link will open up access to the Charles River. The Greenway will be a continuation of the regional Blue Heron Trail along the Charles River. Starting at Lyons Field in Newton, a network of on-street and off-street paths, bridges, and underpasses will transverse I-90, I-95, and the Charles River to reach the extensive trail systems in Wellesley and Weston. This trail network will unlock access to two miles of riverfront cut off by the construction of the interstate highway system in the mid twentieth century.

Background: Greater Boston area residents have long enjoyed active, outdoor leisure activities along a stretch of the upper Charles River between Newton and Weston known as the Lakes District. At the dawn of the 20th century, train and trolley access provided Boston’s increasingly urbanized middle-class population affordable recreation outside the city. The Riverside Recreation Grounds and Lakes District drew more than 5000 canoes a day on busy weekends and provided access to variety of recreational facilities including the largest spring feed swimming pool in New England. Access to this natural resource was severed by the construction of the interstate highway system – the I-90 turnpike and Route 128 – in  the mid 20th Century. Now with the resurgent interest in greenways, in 2016 a public private partnership formed to restore access to and connections through the Lakes District supported by the MassTrails program, the federal Recreational Trails Program, state agencies, local municipalities, private developers, businesses, nonprofits, and volunteers.

Historic Images
2016Riverside Greenway Working Group formed
2017Recreation trails grant awarded for Two Bridges Trail
2018BSC Group begins work on Two Bridges Trail
2018Jacobs Engineering begins network plan for Riverside area
2018Recreation trails grant awarded for Pony Truss Trail and River Links Design
2019Scoping for Comm. Ave. Greenway and Weston trail links
2019Mass Trails Grant for Auburndale Links Awarded
2020Newton Community Preservation Act Funding for Auburndale Links Awarded
2020Pony Truss Trail to be constructed
2022Further implementation associated with bridge replacements

Project Details

  • 2016  Riverside Greenway Working Group formed
Solomon and Barr Investments
  • $92,000
Partner Investments
  • $763,504
Estimated cost to complete
  • TBD
Key Partners
  • Network planning completed for the Riverside Greenway between Lyons Field and Newton Lower Falls.
  • Conceptual design underway for key segments.
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