New path around Hells Half Acre Marsh.

Watering the newly planted parkway trees to keep them alive through the drought

David Solomon at the new Head of the Charles Regatta finish line marker

This is one of the most bucolic stretches of the Charles River Basin.

Pedestrians, runners, and cyclists are all crowded to the shore where erosion results.

Ever since its construction in 1965 Greenough Boulevard has posed a serious threat to pedestrians and cyclists. Its excessive width crowds the shore and encourage speeding far in excess of the speed limit. Its seven+ acres of pavement drains directly to the Charles degrading the river ecology. Reconfiguring Greenough Boulevard is making room for trees, meadows, benches, and a broad shared-use path for walkers, runners, and cyclists. A curving, tree-lined path along this stretch of the river will be within walking distance of tens of thousands of people in Cambridge, Watertown, and Boston. All of this is being done with no significant reduction in traffic carrying capacity on Greenough Boulevard while better accommodating walkers, runners, and cyclist.

Construction of this new mile-long greenway is substantially complete. Already scores of walkers runners and cyclists are using the new pathways and enjoying the new views to the river. Now that it’s done it's hard for these users to imagine it any other way.We consider this one of the most transformative projects we have ever led for the Charles River Basin.

Located on the Charles River between the Eliot Bridge and the Arsenal Street Bridge.
Conceptualized an Initiated project. Managing design process in partnership with the DCR. Actively fund raised.
$510,000 in private funding
$90,000 in Cambridge CPA funding
$1,200,000 in state funding
Construction substantially complete as of 8/2016
Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc.