Henry H. Kitson sculpted the Saltonstall figure and the bas relief panels to either side of it in 1931.

Uncovered from the foliage that had hidden it, the Saltonstall Monument is being rediscovered by the public.

The Watertown Riverfront Park plan shows how the Saltonstall Monument would be visually reconnected to the riverfront.

The Saltonstall Monument memorializes leaders and seminal events in the history of Watertown – one of the oldest communities in the country. The monument had fallen into disrepair, and had became so overgrown with vegetation that it was forgotten.

Full restoration of the handsome bronze and granite monument, and selective removal of trees, has brought this handsome work of art back into public view. The exquisite detail in the bas reliefs can be seen once again – and touched, something that students at the nearby Perkins School for the Blind appreciate.

Located east of Watertown Square, fronting Charles River Road.
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