Blind Children at the Marimba bench.

Perkins School staff at the ribbon cutting.

Commissioner Roy, Secretary Beaton, Herb Nolan, and Tom Powers cutting the ribbon.

The banks have long been a treasured resource; restoration will make them accessible and usable again.

After touring the Charles River Basin in 2006 with the DCR commissioner and Dan Driscoll, we identified the Watertown Riverfront as a key restoration project. It is a critical link in the regional Charles River path system and an important piece of a 3 mile loop serving Boston, Newton, and Watertown neighborhoods. Sasaki Associates based in Watertown was hired by the foundation to produce a site design that includes new access points and paths, riverbank restoration, and river overlooks. Chester Engineering further refined the design for the riverbanks and paths. Local artist Mitch Ryerson fabricated a "sensory garden" and play space from wood and stone to serve everyone including blind children. The result of all this hard work according to Perkins School for the Blind is one of the most accessible and innovative parks for sight impaired people in the country. We cut the ribbon and officially opened the new park in July 2016.

Located on the Watertown riverfront between Watertown Square and Beacon Street.
Initiated project, hired and managed design team, public outreach.
$150,000 in private funding, Substantial support from the Land and Water Conservation Fund
$2,200,000 construction budget
Construction is complete on phase 1. Final design and implementation is now needed for phase 2.
Sasaki Associates
Chester Engineering
Mitch Ryerson, artist